Search for Public Access Defibrillators Across East Anglia

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, & Suffolk


This Free to use site is designed to quickly & acurately locate the nearest Public Access Defibrillator Units, that are appearing around our neigbourhods recently, simply by using a smartphone and it's inbuilt location facilities.
The system uses acurate positioning coodinates for the users current position and the position of over 1600 Defibrillators in the East Anglian Regon. Using an Online Database with all the units listed with very acurate position coordinates, this works in combination with the Google Maps API [Aplication Program interface] to provide location maps and "turn by turn" directions to the nearest units from all over East Anglia.
Presently it is a simple "web site app" meaning it is not nesisary to download anything, simply add it to your web browser bookmarks to use in case of an emergency.


This site works best if used on a mobile phone, with GPS turned on. Android, Apple, or Windows Phone, it's Not Fussy.

1: You MUST have location services turned ON, on your phone, and the "High Acuracy Location" setting will give better results, you must also "share your location" with these pages as "your actual location" is used to show the nearest Defibrillators to you

2: This is a test phase and much of the Defibrillator Location Data is UN-VERIFIED. This means it should not be used for Potentially "Life Saving Purposes" at this time. This system is presently only to be used for testing and evaluation. Please confirm with 999 services prior to starting your journey to the unit [You will need to contact them to get a key code to unlock the secure cabinet]

3: At the moment the database behind this system holds around 1600+ Defibrillator location coordinates, spread across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire. [These are "reasonably accurate", but may need a little "local knowledge" for real precision and exact location conformation before a full public "roll out" of this system.]

the small print:

This site is at present not quite ready for general public consumption, there may be a few "rough edges" It's use for the present is limited to:
Proof of Concept

Any help you can provide with improvements, additional Defibrillator units not listed in our area, or any error data corrections would be appreciated
Please use the online contact form or email
This is a free community project for the benefit of the community so please join in if you can help.